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Getting out of your comfort zone

balletIn the past year, I’ve taken on two new endeavors that have greatly challenged me, sometimes to a breaking point. Last summer, I left a job I adored, a beautiful 22nd-floor apartment, and close friends, to move across the Pacific and start a new job in the curriculum department at an international school. Not long ago, I also started taking ballet lessons after a 16-year hiatus.
The similarities of those two endeavors sometimes take me by surprise.
My landings are rough;
My muscles stiff.
What I used to do with ease now feels, at times, false, as though I’m pretending to be something I’m not; yet in my memory, my time as a teacher and as a dancer doesn’t seem so long ago.
I force myself to get up every morning knowing that I’m going to stretch a little longer today. And slowly, I’m celebrating small wins.
Things start to feel familiar.
A new identity starts to awaken.
Complacency is the body & mind slowly decaying.
Scare yourself.
Be uncomfortable.
Your reward will amaze you.

My Back-to-School Season starts Sunday

After a lovely summer of golf, grilling, ISTE, NanoTeach, and reading, back-to-school season starts for me early Sunday when I fly to Wisconsin for Tech & CITW training.

I am AMAZED at how quickly this summer went by, at how much I learned (largely from books, blogs, Tweets, and magazines on my iPad). This fall brings exciting work with two trips to NE, three to WI, one to Colorado Springs, and a trip back to Tokyo. (I love and am grateful for my job.)

Today, I worked on updating a PBWorks site that I’d used last year with a group in Wisconsin. Since I’m working with the same client, we decided to keep the same site, even though I tend to use Google sites more often these days. Going through the site, updating links, embedding videos, attaching articles, made me realize how much our conversation can shift in one year. Some links had to be deleted (e.g. EtherPad), some that were new and exciting last year are now common tools that I use on a regular basis (e.g. Wolfram Alpha). Some tools had to be added that didn’t even exist last year (e.g. iPad apps).

My lesson from all of this: one of the biggest workplace hazards for people in education is to not stay current.