Getting out of your comfort zone

balletIn the past year, I’ve taken on two new endeavors that have greatly challenged me, sometimes to a breaking point. Last summer, I left a job I adored, a beautiful 22nd-floor apartment, and close friends, to move across the Pacific and start a new job in the curriculum department at an international school. Not long ago, I also started taking ballet lessons after a 16-year hiatus.
The similarities of those two endeavors sometimes take me by surprise.
My landings are rough;
My muscles stiff.
What I used to do with ease now feels, at times, false, as though I’m pretending to be something I’m not; yet in my memory, my time as a teacher and as a dancer doesn’t seem so long ago.
I force myself to get up every morning knowing that I’m going to stretch a little longer today. And slowly, I’m celebrating small wins.
Things start to feel familiar.
A new identity starts to awaken.
Complacency is the body & mind slowly decaying.
Scare yourself.
Be uncomfortable.
Your reward will amaze you.

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