My working definition of Creativity

What is your definition of creativity? Innovation?

I started typing out my working definition and this is what I came up with. I’d love to hear yours.



  • has to have impact on how we solve a problem, comprehend a concept, define entertainment or beauty, or live our daily lives
  • is likely to be made up of previously conceived ideas, but put together in entirely new ways
  • is not boring; humans will intuitively recognize a creative piece as engaging even if they don’t particularly like it
  • will sometimes be dismissed or ridiculed by those who hold firmly to a particular standard set in the past
  • a creative work can become aligned to a particular place or period in history as it helped to define movements that were happening during that place and time

2 responses to “My working definition of Creativity

  • Sean Hampton-Cole

    I think your second bully point is the most important one. Creativity has a lot to do forging new connections. I would add that the creative process ends in something useful, or something which has value in some way. Otherwise it’s just flamboyance.

  • erhubbell

    I agree. That’s what I was going for in the first bullet point when I said that the product has to have impact, but I like your wording of “has value.”

    I appreciate your taking the time to comment!

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