Creating Inviting Learning Spaces on a Budget

building1I had the pleasure of touring a K-9 elementary school in Victoria, Australia two weeks ago. The story behind this school coming together is an amazing testament to dealing with construction delays, the enthusiasm of faculty, and dedication to creating an inviting place to learn.

Due to construction delays, the school used portables that had been stored in Australia’s desert. According to others, they arrived bearing a frightful green hue. The staff also had concerns about students having to walk through mud and without shelter during Victoria’s rainy winters.

Therefore, the portables were painted a lovely slate gray hue, a deck was built to connect the buildings and to provide a raised platform for walking. Sailcloth was attached to poles to create shelter. The result is absolutely beautiful. I arrived as students and parents were just getting to school and I watched people – young and old – literally bounce with enthusiasm as they entered the space.

I have long been a fan of Apartment Therapy’s blog, fascinated by the existence of an entire industry that uses know-how, paint, and hardware to transform mundane walls and furniture into gorgeous, one-of-a-kind treasures. (See this Before & After post as an example.)

Which gets me to thinking…what if there were sort of an “Apartment Therapy” for learning environments? What if we took this type of know-how and applied it to run-down school buildings that have seen better days? Or to those mass-produced, uninspiring cinderblock cells that were de rigueur in the 1970s? Provided more natural light and plants? What if we created spaces that were so beautiful and inspiring, people couldn’t wait to walk through our doors?



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