Educon 2013

Just some early thoughts as we get started with Educon

I kept pondering what the difference was – what was the “secret to the sauce” as I listened to SLA students give their tours yesterday. Here are a couple of differences that I noticed in these students that I don’t often see when I’m touring schools, especially high schools:

  1. Pride in their school, their work, their teachers, and their community,
  2. Humility in that their destiny ultimately lies within them, not what a teacher does for them,
  3. Awareness of a world beyond high school and their excitement in the role they will soon play in that world (or in some cases, are already playing).
  4. Engagement in their own work. Not once did I see rows of bored teenagers listen to a grown-up lecture.

I kept thinking back to the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd graders I taught in my Montessori classroom and the 6th graders I saw them become. SLA would have been a very natural progression for them. They would have loved the independent study, the focus on community, and the leadership roles they are expected to play.

So good to see. My question – can we replicate this on a large scale?


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