Great tip for using QR codes to get graphic organizers onto student iPads

I love it when workshops take on an open-learning feel where participants and experts in the audience add to the conversations that I’m leading. Such a conversation in Minneapolis recently led to this quick and easy way for getting PDF graphic organizers to students’ iPads.

Step 1: Find a graphic organizer that you wish to use, such as those on EduPlace or Freeology. Navigate to the exact place where you want students to go, for example, I would navigate to to use the Cause Effect Tree graphic organizer.

Step 2: Copy the URL (, then navigate to a free QR creation site such as Paste the URL into the box indicated, then click Download QR code. This will download as a graphic onto your computer. I usually just put it on my desktop for easy finding, then delete it later. Project the QR code onto a screen.


Step 3: Have students use their iPads and a free QR reader app such as Scan to scan the code. Doing so will take them directly to the web page you have designated.

Step 4: Have them download the PDF of the graphic organizer from the webpage. From there, they can either open it as a PDF in an app such as Good Reader to type into the organizer or they can take a screenshot of the graphic organizer and open it in something like DrawFree to hand write on the page.

This seems like a lot of steps, but once students have all the apps needed, this is a quick process for getting everyone on the same (virtual) page.


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