The Learning Edge by Bain & Weston (Summary 8 of 8)

I am currently reading The Learning Edge: What Technology Can Do to Educate All Children by Alan Bain & Mark E. Weston as part of my personal growth plan. Click below for summaries of previous chapters

Chapter 1: Education & Technology

Chapter 2: The Classroom

Chapter 3: Schools

Chapter 4: Transforming Districts

Chapter 5: Associations and Edge Technology

Chapter 6: Policy Shifts

Chapter 7: The Role of Industry

Chapter 8: Stakeholders Connected

The book closed with a look at how changes in how educators think (a paradigm shift) could lead us to creating what the authors refer to as a Type-B model of education. One quote in particular stood out for me:

“In a self-organizing system, change emerges bottom-up and control is dispersed, and leaders – with their helicopter perspective – prompt change.” (page 189)

What this reminded me of was the fourth scenario in The Future of Schooling: Educating America in 2020. In this scenario, change came about almost organically as communities, parents, museums, and a variety of other interested stakeholders began using the plethora of online resources available to create their own “unschool.” While only a few students were engaged in this sort of learning experience by 2020, indications were that this was where education was headed. (For a synopsis of each of McREL’s four scenarios, you can listen to “What Does the Future Hold for Education?” a brief podcast located here.)

I want to thank the authors for allowing me to read and reflect publicly on my blog. The Learning Edge has interesting perspectives on how to change education. Definitely check it out!


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