The Learning Edge by Bain & Weston (Summary 1 of 8)

As part of my personal growth plan, I am reading (at least)  three professional books this year. The first was Habitudes: Images that Form Leadership Habits and Attitudes by Dr. Tim Elmore. The chapter summaries for that book begin here.

I am now reading  The Learning Edge: What Technology Can Do to Educate All Children by Alan Bain & Mark E. Weston, recommended to me by my supervisor.

Chapter 1: Education & Technology

This chapter focused on educators’ disappointment with the results that ICT integration has produced in terms of student achievement. It also highlights technology enthusiast’s continued support of tech integration in spite of the lack of research supporting its use.

What I found most useful in this chapter were the five faulty assumptions about ICT and schools:

  1. Children with access to ICT learn to use ICT in masterful ways, then apply that masterful use to their other learning.
  2. Teachers spontaneously change their existing teaching practices when they gain access to ICT.
  3. Teaching teachers how to use ICT will redress poor learning results at scale.
  4. Improved access to ICT improves the quality of ICT use.
  5. Improved ICT access and use increases student achievement.

Number 4 on the list especially resounds with the work that I do in Using Technology with Classroom Instruction that Works. Using tech for the “wow” factor is one thing, but using a tool to help students organize their thoughts, activate background knowledge, or provide nonlinguistic representation of a difficult concept is a much stronger use of the technology.


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