Sending Good Thoughts…

Having worked in Guam, Saipan, and Tokyo over the past several years, I find myself thinking of my friends today in the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami. While I’ve heard word that all is OK with the folks in Guam & Saipan, I still haven’t heard anything from the wonderful people in Tokyo. Thinking of you all and hoping to hear from someone soon.




Me at Kagman High, Saipan


Historic Gate at the American School in Japan - Tokyo


2 responses to “Sending Good Thoughts…

  • Andrew Kerr

    Very nice post, Elizabeth. I, too, was looking for answers for my family and friends in Micronesia. Sending good thoughts to Japan, as well

  • erhubbell

    Yay! Not 30 minutes after this post, received the following Tweet: Thanks for the kind post. We’re all OK. Had to evacuate the school, but no injuries. Was scary, though.

    I know they are still reeling emotionally, but I am SO relieved to hear that they are all OK.

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