Living in our flat world

I’m a pretty avid online shopper, so this week’s experience shouldn’t impress me as much as it did. Still…

With winter coming and as much as I like to travel and sight-see, I was in need of a dressy-looking pair of boots that were comfortable to walk in and were warm and waterproof. Perhaps I’m way behind in discovering La Canadienne boots, but they were exactly what I’ve been looking for.

At 3:40 pm yesterday, I placed my order from, which offers free overnight shipping on some styles. I instantly received an email stating that my order had been placed, but to be honest, I seriously doubted that I’d have a new pair of boots by the next evening.

By 10:30 that evening, I received an email stating that they had been shipped. Hmm…my hopes were rising.

This morning, I entered the tracking number into my Deliveries app and was amazed to find that the shipment had already left the distribution center in Commerce City, CO (about 30 miles north of where I live) and was en route to me. As I look more closely at the schedule, I’m even more amazed. THIRTEEN hours after clicking “Place My Order,” the order had been processed, the item had been found in a warehouse in Kentucky, it had been mailed & flown, and the package had arrived not half an hour from where I live.

I’ll update this evening with confirmation that I received them. If so, that’s pretty cool!

UPDATE: They were here by 5 pm that evening.

ups tracking info

Screen shot from my tracking page


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