When you actually make a difference…

While sitting in a very quiet, serious discussion one afternoon this week, I snuck a peek at my BlackBerry and found this email from a former client for whom I had conducted a technology audit:

We are all very excited that our district is going to have 18 classrooms with 1:1 computing with
the ASUS EEEPC 1000 ‘s laptops ! We received another EETT Grant that was going to provide laptops
for 4 classrooms through a competitive application process within the district.
The applications were so good, the district decided to take care of the 14 more classrooms.
The kids and teachers are really excited about this opportunity. I have heard some great stories
about what happened in the schools when they found out that they were selected for the program.
Teachers running and dancing in the halls; one teacher was so excited and so red in the face, the
students were afraid she was having a heart attack! There is still joy in learning!

I just wanted you to know how the spark you ignited here is becoming a bigger flame.

I wish you could do research on the impact of our laptops in the classrooms! Then we could
visit more often and share more stories.

Thanks for all you have done for us.”

Needless to say, I wanted to jump out of my seat and do a little running and dancing myself! What makes this email even more special is that this tech audit was conducted almost 2 years ago. Being a few degrees removed from the classroom, I miss that immediate feedback I used to get from the kids, knowing that what I had attempted to do had meaning and value. I’m going to tuck this email away for those rainy days when I feel that I’m having the same conversations with the same people, yet nothing is happening. Thank you – you-know-who-you-are – for sending this.


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