Present Like Steve Jobs

I’ve really gotten into some reading to help me think about my presentations with teachers and how to make them more dynamic. I want to model what I’m talking about when I say that we as educators need to think about our 21st century “audience” and how to best engage them.

A couple of resources that I’ve really enjoyed include Dan Pink’s A Whole New Mind and Garr Reynold’s Presentation Zen.

I was planning on summarizing a great video that I watched called “Present like Steve Jobs,” but then I found this one from the same author, Carmine Gallo, that’s even better.

Two ways I plan to use this information: 1) to inform my own practice working with educators and 2) to share this information with teachers and see how they can apply these tips to their own teaching practice. We are all teaching an entirely different generation of learners and these eight practices can help us (me) think differently about getting my message across succinctly and elegantly.


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