What did I do this weekend? Learn? Work? Play? Yes.

Sometimes you have those weekends where all of your interests, job descriptions, and sense of play all come together for you. This weekend was just that for me.

I don’t often partake in weekend web casts. Sometimes I just want to drink good coffee, make some omelets, water my plants, etc. This weekend, however, I listened to the Classroom 2.0 web cast hosted by Steve Hargadon. I’m so glad that I did!

I’ve long been a fan of del.icio.us and use it in every workshop that I give. I cringed Saturday morning when I heard everyone talking about switching to (or adding) Diigo. I’m still learning this resource and its capabilities over del.icio.us, but it’s so fun getting your head into something new like this. Also, after listening to the webcast, I gave Flock another try. I think I still prefer Firefox, but I’m using both simultaneously right now to make sure.

I also edited a couple of my websites that I haven’t touched in over two years. One of those is a Fibonacci WebQuest that I made towards the end of my Master’s program. Since I had already left the classroom after I created it, I never actually put it to use. For an upcoming afterschool conference, however, I’m going to resurrect the WebQuest and use it with the participants. It was intimidating but exciting to open up DreamWeaver and refamiliarize myself with all of its capabilities (or at least some…) It’ll be interesting to actually use the WebQuest with adult learners and see where I might need to make some tweaks.

And the fun continues: tonight, Bud Hunt (aka “Budtheteacher“) is going to continue the conversations started at Colorado’s Learning 2.0 conference last month.

So tomorrow morning, when people ask what I did this weekend, I can honestly answer that I worked all weekend…or learned…or played…..

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One response to “What did I do this weekend? Learn? Work? Play? Yes.

  • Bud Hunt

    As you know, I missed the continued conversation – hope it went well. We’re probably going to do another one sometime in April – stay tuned for details!

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