The conversation is shifting

I haven’t blogged in many, many months for various reasons. I made a promise to myself, though, that after T+L in Nashville I’d give it another go.

The biggest idea that I took away from T+L is that the conversation is shifting. This observation has been further supported in conversations with teachers and administrators while currently conducting a technology audit. The conversation used to be about whether or not technology made a difference, how to get across the idea that it’s not about the “wires and plugs,” but about the motivation, differentiation, student engagement, and teaching efficiency that happens when a teacher has all the modern tools available and knows how to properly use them. The conversation has shifted, at least in my experiences lately, in that no one is denying the importance of using these tools anymore. In recent conversations, people are no longer questioning “why technology.” When I ask teachers about their vision of the future of education, I now commonly hear words such as “facilitator,” “projects,” “collaboration,” “seamless integration.” Teachers are aware of 21st Century learning skills, Prensky, the flat world, and other ideas that I can recall at one time only hearing in the “techie” world. Is it possible that the echo chamber has spiraled into mainstream conversations? Are we close to a tipping point in changing outdated methods of education?


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