Six ed tech trends to watch in ’07

I’m glad that EdNewsBytes blogged about this, because I read this article at 4:30 on a Friday afternoon at work, then promptly forgot to blog about it in anticipation of weekend plans. It’s a great (and short!) read from eSchoolNews, one of those articles that leaves you starry-eyed and going, “Wow….”

In short, here are the six trends:

Trend No. 1: The leveling power of the World Wide Web

Trend No. 2: Cloud computing

Trend No. 3: Service-oriented architecture

Trend No. 4: The gathering SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model)

Trend No. 5: Telepresence and anytime, anywhere education

Trend No. 6: 21st-century learning

Of some of these trends, I was already well-aware. Of others, I had heard the term, but had a much better understanding after reading the article. It’s worth checking out.


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