The future of education

(This was originally posted on Sam and Eliz, but I’m moving it over here.)

Our company has done a lot of work in the past few years trying to anticipate the future of education. We brought in Chris Dede, Glen Hiemstra, and other futurists to speak to us to help us grasp the many possibilities that exist and anticipate how we might play a part.

Our “Futures” work compares different scenarios if government-based or independent educational institutions prevail (or a combination of the two existing and how they co-exist.) It’s been really interesting for me to consider the societies and personal implications if any one of these different realities became true.

I was THRILLED, therefore, to find this website from the Knowledge Works Foundation and The Institute for the Future. It is a Flash-based map of Future Forces Affecting Education. It’s fascinating!

What most intrigues me are the bubbles that talk about Gen-Y Attributes, Personalized Learning Plans (already underway), Unbundled Education (aka Informal Learning), Collective Assessment, Cognitive Apprenticeships (echoing some of John Seely Brown’s recent comments on Steve Hargadon’s interview), and Global Trade Pedagogy (Friedman).

I plan to spend more time on this Web site, looking at discussions and reading the real world applications.

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